Monday, September 29, 2008

About me.

About 13 months ago, my husband of then 3 years and I decided that we would throw away the birth control and try to have children. Cool, huh? Except that now, a year later, I'm not pregnant. I've learned that I don't ovulate regularly and now, I'm starting on month #2 of Clomid. Even more fun. I'm dealing with the side effects, but more importantly, am trying to maintain some level of sanity with the emotional ups and downs that come both with the Clomid and with infertility in and of itself.

My usual response to this kind of stress would be emotional eating. But I'm working on that not being my life. As guessed, I'm on a constant battle for weight loss, and have lost close to 50 lbs! I need to lose another 20, and I'm getting there. My weight loss has been of a conscious decision to change my lifestyle, focusing on eating whole foods rather than processed foods, and regular exercise. It's a war, and I lose some battles, but I feel like overall, I'm doing great!

I have an awesome spouse, who is incredibly supportive and a great group of friends and family. I'm going to try blogging as an outlet, and who knows? We'll see how it goes. I plan on blogging about my infertility journey, my love of food (healthily) and my growing love of exercise. With a splash of life mixed in, of course. =)