Friday, July 31, 2009

panic attack

In the lab, waiting to be called back for my E2. Started having lots of ewcm yesterday. Now, I know it is from the rise in estrogen, but I'm still having panic attacks that I'm ovulating/have ovulated on my own. I need reassurance! And my appt is later this am. Anyone have any stories?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Posting via blackberry today. Thank you so much all for all of your wonderful encouragement yesterday. Still feeling funky, but being in line for Starbucks right now helps!

Just left my appt. We have progress!

Right: 16mm, 10mm, and several smaller

Left: 11mm and several smaller

Estradiol: 129

Slowly but surely! Next appt is likely friday- will know more after my RE calls.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Down Day

Yet another gal in our office is pregnant. In the past 12 months in an office of 30 people, we've had five pregnancies, one set of twins (no IF), and too many office baby showers to count. I'm tired of my happy smile and my celebratory congratulations. I'm so tired of putting on the happy face.

On the way home today, I entertained the thought of this IUI not working. I saw the next several months stretched ahead with shots, labs, ultrasounds, and BFN. All while every belly in my office but my own is growing. And then I thought, can I go through this again month after month after month? When does this end? When is the news happy?

I don't know the answer to those questions. I don't know if I'll be strong enough. I hope that I don't have to find out. But there is that reality that I might.

Today is just a down day. That's all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today's visit--CD 7

Estradiol- 64
Lots of follicles but none of any significant size yet.

I'm supposed to stay on the same dose of Follistim (100 units). Anybody have any experience with this? Do you typically see much growth after being on meds for 3-4 days?

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied. It's Sunday, I didn't have to miss any work for the appointment, and I had a very yummy brunch of pumpkin pancakes. Next appointment is Wednesday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I hope this isn't telling the future.

Why is it that everything in the world right now can be traced back to infertility! It's a freaking license plate!!!!! But of course, as I was walking through a parking lot, it caught my eye. So I took a picture with my cell phone. Lovely, eh?

The shots are going well. 2 nights down. No biggie. I'm feeling nothing...both from the shots themselves and in terms of effects. Next appt is Sunday AM!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm posting from my cell phone! (And feeling very much the techie). Waiting for the dh to get off work, I decided to hang out at Starbucks for a bit with an iced coffee.

Well, everything went well today. Lot's of potential little follicles on the U/S and having the u/s while af was around wasn't the WORST thing in the world.

Starting follistem dose 100 units.

Now I just have to dial up the dose and shoot myself up! Hopefully, I don't mess it up too badly. :)

But first, dh and I are going to see Harry Potter tonight.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy ICLW!

Welcome ICLW'ers! This is the third time that I have participated in ICLW, and it is such a rewarding experience. What a great opportunity to find and read new blogs!

Just a quick background on my experience thus far. I'm 33, and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years now. We've gone through rounds of clomid alone, clomid with IUI and are getting ready to embark on IUI with injectible medications. (Follistim) In the meantime, I've had an HSG, a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy, and too many ultrasounds to count. In terms of a diagnosis, my husband has decreased morphology (but great numbers otherwise), and I don't ovulate regularly, have a few fibroids (no longer) and mild endometriosis.

We are really hoping that this next cycle works.

And it starts tomorrow! I will be getting my baseline U/S, FSH, and estradiol. I'll update more tomorrow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back

And it's cycle day one. Seriously, I felt no false pretenses about last month, and really knew that I would be here again in my little IF campground. Ok, so I didn't leave, but I zipped up my tent for a couple of weeks and hoped just a little that I could say, "HA HA infertility! Take that! I ovulated on my own, got pregnant, without the help of drugs and a sub specialist! I am woman, hear me roar!"

Yeah, right.

So I have my first appointment on Wednesday. U/S, labs and the dose of Follistim. Bring it on IF. My tent is open, I'm making s'mores, and I'm ready.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Today's visit

Well, I'm on the road. I had my injection education class today, got the medications ordered, and have 600 units of follistim in my refrigerator gratis. Yay, something for free!

So, I cleared off a shelf in the frig, and that shelf will consist of follistim, HCG, and eggs. That's right, I'm keeping the eggs on the fertility shelf. I can't help myself.

In other crazy news, otherwise known as tmi news, I have EWCM today. So, for the heck of it, I took an OPK and it is positive...two weeks after my surgery and on day 24 of my cycle. So, for the heck of it, dh and I are going to have some fun over the next few days. So, at least I know it will be probably 2 more weeks before I start stimming.....and yes, it's very hard for infertile me to say that I could get pregnant on my own, but we'll see. I'm not exactly holding my breath. =)

I'm getting my meds from IVPcare and signed up for design Rx. My total for 600 units of follistim, HCG shot, and progesterone suppositories is 705.95. How does that sound to everyone?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just checking in

And not too much to report. We had a good holiday weekend--I had some stuff to do for work, but otherwise, we've been free. And it's been so nice! Although, I did have all of these plans to go to various local festivals, farmer's market, etc, but we really didn't make it to any of it. Oh well. Next weekend?

I have my injection education class tomorrow. I've done some research on prices and have found some differences between a few different pharmacies (thanks to all of you for your help!!). So, I thought that I would bring that tomorrow..and I've found differences between area labs and what it costs for an estradiol and FSH as long as the turn around time is quick for the cheaper one, I think I might bring that to their attention too. Now, I'm still looking for that free Follistim coupon in my Sunday paper......