Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just checking in

And not too much to report. We had a good holiday weekend--I had some stuff to do for work, but otherwise, we've been free. And it's been so nice! Although, I did have all of these plans to go to various local festivals, farmer's market, etc, but we really didn't make it to any of it. Oh well. Next weekend?

I have my injection education class tomorrow. I've done some research on prices and have found some differences between a few different pharmacies (thanks to all of you for your help!!). So, I thought that I would bring that tomorrow..and I've found differences between area labs and what it costs for an estradiol and FSH as long as the turn around time is quick for the cheaper one, I think I might bring that to their attention too. Now, I'm still looking for that free Follistim coupon in my Sunday paper......


Anonymous said...

glad you were able to enjoy the weekend. i think that the injections class makes the whole thing that much more real.

the price of the drugs made me get more and more upset about the cheapo cost of viagra and the like. :( arg.

Lorza said...

I am glad you got some options on the medicine front. Let me know where you end up ordering from!