Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, I was up all night last night with a horrible headache--and ended up staying home from work today. I'm feeling much better now. Yay. =)

Question for those who have used injectibles. Ok, TMI question. Do you feel like your cervical mucus is slower to dry up because of the much higher estrogen levels in your body? Still had a little this AM. Haven't checked since, since I'm trying not to obsess. My RE wanted me to start the prometrium today...which I did...and from everything that happened yesterday, I feel pretty confident that I already ovulated. Ok, so I'm not checking temps (again, trying not to obsess), but just let me know if you have any experience with this.

Ok, so I'm obsessing a bit!

On to another topic. How about this woman in Arkansas who is pregnant with twins....or not?

Personally, I do wonder if she and her husband are doing this more for attention. I can't imagine having two babies who were conceived 2 weeks apart. From a medical standpoint--ok, so there is some discordant growth. But that's not uncommon with twins. And then she said that there was a blood test that could be done after the babies were born to prove it??? What the heck? The last I knew, there wasn't a blood test to determine gestational age.

Or, she got pregnant twice. And it sounds like she went through infertility treatment in the past, but she denies using any medications with this current pregnancy. Very interesting.


Lin said...

Agreed. The story of the AR couple is very odd. And, furthermore, since I'm original from AR, I'm beginning to wonder what the heck the deal is with AR fertility (given this AND the Duggars!). Maybe I should move home! :-)

Anonymous said...

I used injectables, but I didn't notice any difference in CM. Could it be the suppositories?

Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

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