Sunday, February 6, 2011

You're almost one

On February 9th, 2010 at 5:23 AM, our lives changed forever. I remember sitting with dh in the somewhat dark waiting room watching people sleep, knowing you were in the process of being born. We weren't able to be in the delivery room because your birth mother was having a c-section. Before we knew it though, the OB came out and said that you were healthy and absolutely beautiful. She led us back into the recovery room and there was S (birth mom), holding a tiny You were and are absolutely beautiful. I was struck by all of your dark hair. You nose was smooshed from being born, but you were as calm as calm could be. S reached out her arms and handed you to me, and I was completely a goner. My daughter was in my arms. I stood there for what seemed like seconds, but I never ever ever wanted to let go. What a beautiful and painful three days. Our hearts were pulled in every which direction, because all we wanted to do was be with you. But we had to be patient. S loved you so much. She held you and fed you and took lots of pictures of you. Her love for you was so great that she knew that a life with her would not give you all of the opportunities that you deserved. S made the greatest sacrifice ever, and to her we are beyond forever grateful for you. While we know that God made you for us, He grew you in S.

What a delightful baby you were! While we had our share of sleepless nights, you did start sleeping through the night around 3 months of age. And what an eater you were (and are!). We still shudder at the thought of taking away your bottle, as when you see it, you start laughing and bouncing. Oh, that's my girl.

You are growing up to be such a delightful little girl. Because, at almost one, you are a little girl. No longer a baby, you show your personality full force...and it's a great one! You are such a ham...and you definitely get that from your daddy. Boy, you have him wrapped around your finger. He adores everything about you. In fact, we pretty much race to your crib in the morning when we hear you talking, because your joyful face is the ONLY way to start the day. You laugh (a lot) and you love playing hide and seek and peek a boo. You have NO FEAR, and frankly, we hope you stay that way. You love diving from my arms to daddy's and back again. You fearlessly go up and down the stairs. You love standing in your rocking chair and having someone swing it all the way around. Oh, daddy can't wait to take you to Disney World...this fall! What a fun trip that will be!

You have such a tender heart. You always pat our backs when we are holding you, and you LOVE to give kisses. Now, they are completely open mouth and you do like to lick us in the process, but right now, those are the best kisses in the world. And you try to go after the dogs and do the same thing!

And what a smart girl you are! You love to read books, and we'll find you sitting in your own little chair, book open. You talk in sentences, and we can't wait until we know the words that you are saying. You say "hi" and point and wave. You say daddy and to my chagrin, call me nana...but you know exactly what you are doing, and correct it with mama while you are laughing. You say "uh-oh", "woof-woof", and we swear you say "thank you" and use it correctly! Regardless, hearing you talk is so amazing. We love to hear your voice. You love music as well. You hit piano keys individually and sing along with the music that you hear.

And you are walking! Still tentative, you'll take about 12-15 steps at a time. However, you crawl faster than I run, so that is still your preference...and we are JUST FINE with that. =)

My sweet baby girl. I adore you. I thank God for giving you to us to raise and to be your parents. I consider it the greatest privlege of my life. Next weekend, we'll eat cake and say goodbye to infancy. While that brings tears to my eyes, I am so excited to see the child that you are becoming and what the future brings for you.

I love you so very much-



Anonymous said...

So sweet, I love it! Now I really can't wait to meet my own little one and watch him/her grow!

Kristin said...

What a sweet, beautiful letter to your daughter!

ICLW #19

Mrs. Gamgee said...

So lovely! I hope that you print it off and put it in your wee girl's baby book. It's something to treasure.


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so sweet

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