Friday, January 16, 2009

From Here to There

Well, I've really failed at this blogging thing! I'm starting to realize that I might need this as a way of getting out thoughts....and I think my husband is going to start blogging on here too! It's crazy, I think at the time that I started this blog, I was in complete denial about "infertility." I thought that we would just get pregnant....eventually...and I wouldn't have to deal with this...or write about it...again.

I was wrong.

After the last time I wrote, we did one more month of Clomid through the ObGyn. I ovulated, but no pregnancy. That was close to the time of thanksgiving, so we decided to take the holidays off. I really do think that was a good decision. It was nice to not have my hormones going all over the place for those 2 months, and just to be able to enjoy the season. After the Holidays were over, we had our first appointment with the RE. It went well. I was completely geared up to cry the entire appointment, but I didn't shed a tear. My husband would say that I just got into "shop talk" with the RE. And that would be the truth. Being a physician myself, I stuck to the clinical side of things while talking to him. Was that healthy? For the time being, yes. He was pleasant and intelligent, and I think we'll work well together. He didn't seem at all impressed with our labwork...including my husband's semen analysis. My husband had 2% morphology on his semen analysis, and I've heard conflicting statements on if this is significant or not. My husband's other numbers are "spectacular" in the words of the RE. So, we'll see. Basically, I think after the initial conversation both of us were like "so why haven't we gotten pregnant yet?" We went through our options, and his suggestion...surprise! was IUI. Our first cycle will be monitored with an U/S and an HCG trigger shot. I'll take Clomid and then vaginal estradiol. I'm assuming progesterone as well, but who knows. I forgot to ask. Then he did an U/S because I do have fibroids...and he wanted to visualize them himself and make sure that they weren't inside of my uterus and that they weren't too big. They weren't and they weren't.

So, that's where we are at. Today is D1 of my cycle. On day 12 we'll go in for the U/S.

Now, if only I can find my sanity....

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