Sunday, August 9, 2009

Murmurings of family

No, that does not mean that I have a big fat positive. It's too soon for that anyway! However, I haven't been too positive on that front...but heck, more on that later. Maybe.

We went to a large family reunion this weekend. It was fascinating. Fascinating to hear stories of generations past, awesome to catch up with close family members, and so very interesting to observe the other 100 or so that you have never met before in your life...and more so, would never recognize as family in the least!

At the large dinner last night with 150 people or so, I found myself observing closely the various divisions of the family. Did all of the couples have children? Young parents or older parents? Obviously adopted children? You just find yourself wondering if the struggles that you are going through run through your family.

Here's what I learned. My great great grandfather and grandmother had 12 children. One set of twins that died in infancy. The other 10 lived to ripe old ages. My great grandfather didn't get married until he was 35 (unusual in the early 1900's, right?). He had his first child when he was 37 and my great grandmother was 35. They had three boys. One of whom was my grandfather. From my own branch, I know that no one had trouble having kids, because everyone has 3-4 and they started having them in their early/mid twenties.

Looking at the other branches of the original 10 was more interesting. There were many that were somewhat older who had children who were younger. One woman, probably in her mid fifties now, was talking to my grandma, and told the ages of her children, and told my grandma she had her first at 37 and her second at 43. She then said that it seemed to be a theme in the family to have children at "older" ages. Ok, I so wanted to ask her if she struggled with infertility. But, probably not an appropriate question to ask a woman who I had just met.

Anyway, family history is interesting, yes?

In my news, no news. My optimism isn't quite bubbling over. (Please detect the sarcasm) I am completely devoid of symptoms that would make me think pregnancy, and my mood has been nothing short of foul when it comes to the likelihood of a BFP. Yes, I need an attitude turn around. I know. I just can't seem to manage it. I'm having so much fun sticking progesterone up in my nether regions twice a day. Knocks my socks off.

Anyway, despite my bad attitude, I had a great weekend. =)


Fran said...

Hun, thanks so much for the award! Really appreciated! Your weekend sounds fab, my family is very very small so I can never imagine what it would be like to have cousins my age to talk to! My parents are both only children and 3 of my grandparents only had one sibling! I am always faschinated by this big family gathering, I wonder if I shoudl gate-crash some of those parties one time to see if I can fit in!!
About the expectations on this cycle: it is very very difficult to be positive, but this doesn't mean it hasn't worked, so until it's over it ain't over. Lot's of love and sticky vibes in your direction! Fran

Clare said...

Oh the progesterone pessary fun! It's simply wonderful, isn't it? Good luck with everything - hope you get a great surprise!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting family history! I would've wanted to ask more, too!
Everyone in my family started (and succeeded) young. They all look at me like I'm an alien and don't speak English.
I'm hoping this is your BFP, even though you're not feelin'it.

Anonymous said...

it's always strange to meet people at a family reunion, right? these people are supposed to be your family, but you have no idea who they are...and if you ask too intimate of a question you're the weirdo :)

excited for an update!!


And baby makes five... said...

Hi lovely. I'm back here, trying to catch up, and filled with hope for you (not to mention dying for an update!). Been thinking of you lately and hoping all is well...

(formerly maybeanotherbaby)