Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm falling apart!

Vomiting at work, not fun. Less fun is that everyone at my office now thinks that I'm pregnant. You know, heaven forbid that a woman of child-bearing age get a stomach virus. Even one of my partners just smiled at me when he found out that I was sick. Smiled! If only I could've made it out of the office without vomiting.

It would be great to think that vomiting 5 days after IUI meant that I was already having morning sickness, but I'm thinking that's impossible. Much more possible is that every virus available is hitting my body this weekend...after the vomiting friday came the cold on saturday and the general misery and stuffiness today. This is lovely!

So, I'm now 7dpIUI and besides my lovely virus, don't really feel anything. Minorly sore breasts, but nothing to write home about. Occasional uterus/ovary twinges, but I really don't know what to make of that. I'm trying to think positively. Trying. Trying to realize that all of this is part of the journey of us adding to our family. Regardless of the outcome. Argh.


Anonymous said...

i like that: part of the journey of adding to our family, regardless of outcome. it is part of the journey.

....maybe everyone won't be smiling when they get sick. you can ask everyone then if they are pregnant, too :)

feel better. lots of fluids and rest!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for your blog! I'm on day 3 after the IUI and, just as you, I refused to believe that morning sickness can come that early -- although it's so easy to get one's hopes up! So I was googling on the topic -- and that's how I've found you. And yes, on day 1 after the IUI I also got a severe cold, and now I'm sitting at work with a box of Cleenex and Afrin at my side!.. So thank you for sharing, it has made me feel better -- at least I know my situation is not unique :) And I will not be too hopeful, I'll just wait... I wish you all the best in your new cycle!!!