Monday, February 16, 2009

One week down

And one week to go. As true to form, as excited and hopeful that I was last week, this week, I'm feeling more down and negative. Why? This makes me so mad. Why can't I stay excited and hopeful???

It's funny. I can envision a positive pregnancy test. I can see that day. Why can't I realize that it may in fact someday be a reality? It could even be this month? Am I trying to protect myself from failure or have I really become this negative??

On the viral front, I'm a congested mess. Afrin is my best friend. WOohoo!


Anonymous said...

Oh. i so hope you get a positive test!!!

thanks so much for your kind words. i don't think that it matters that we don't know eachother IRL. We all get to know each other's stories and I know that I start to feel close bonds with people. :)

just me said...

i noticed the same thing.....last week I couldn't wait, this week, i am just sure that I am out and that depresses me. fingers crossed for both of us!