Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As if things couldn't get any weirder

I've had a bad day today.

I had my U/S appointment today. Instead of the nurse who usually does my U/S, my great RE came in...saying basically that here I was at IUI #4 and if it didn't take this time, that we would need to start talking options. This I was expecting. So, he quickly ran through surgery, injectibles, and IVF and said that we would talk more if it came to that.

Then the ultrasound. First my endometrium. "Hmm, this is interesting," says my RE. (Just what you want to hear. Then the right ovary. No activity. Then the left ovary. Giant 3cm cyst. Then he says--well your endometrium is unusually thick (I think he said around 25mm)..was your last period unusual? Me-well, long luteal phase, not very long period, etc, etc. He-well, this may indicate a pregnancy, but at this point, hard to tell. (To me--non viable pregnancy)

So, we're running labs. E2, progesterone, and HCG.

And I don't get the results until tomorrow.

So, I left their office and luckily, had things to do for work that didn't involve going into the office. More about that later.

I feel numb right now. Absolutely numb.

Yeah, so obviously no IUI tomorrow.


just me said...

hmmmm, very weird, hoping that you hear the best news, could it be a viable pregnancy?

Clare said...

not sure i understand - if you were pregnant, it wouldnt be viable...? Why?

The Patterson's said...

Hmmm...that's very interesting. Hope it's good news!

Scrambled Egg said...

Hey all-

I say non-viable because if there were a pregnancy, I think that we would be able to see a yolk sac and fetal pole on ultrasound by this point. So, that's why I said that. I'll know more tomorrow.

MC said...

I'm hoping that you get really great news from the tests, hun. Hugs while you wait and wonder.

Dawn said...

Infertility really really stinks!!! I'm sorry about your day and I hope you get good news.

Dawn Davenport
Host of Creating a Family internet radio

Lucky Jones said...

omg omg OMG :) I really REALlY hope it is a good, viable pregnancy for you :) fingers crossed :) I know someone from a message board who was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. She got a second opinion and she IS pregnant.. miracles do happen!

Jenn said...

I am thinking of you today and certainly praying for you.


Baby? Maybe. (Or Maybe Not.) said...

I am going crazy with wonder. I totally thought opposite of non-viable--I know that at my IF clinic, even if it looks 99% great, they wait until they 101% sure to drop any amazing news since they know so many have struggled on the journey. So maybe that's more like it, eh?! :) I'm hoping for you, sweetness. With every fiber in my being. Please update asap. <3

jones said...

Hoping that you are hearing some fantastic news today!