Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's 14dpIUI and no AF yet. If I follow last month's pattern, she should show her face tomorrow. As for sx? BB's sore to the touch, no real cramping, constipated, moody as all get out. Positive signs? Maybe. Only time will tell. I'm so beyond analyzing symptoms or lack thereof.

Have I mentioned that tomorrow is my husband's birthday? I hope first off for a BFP but secondly, I hope for no AF tomorrow (because of pregnancy!!) So, what an awesome birthday present that would be. I can't get myself to buy a test though. Argh.

Sorry to be MIA. =( I've been thinking about you all a lot! Just wanted to try and not get caught up in things too much. Yeah, and how did that work out? It didn't!!!


Baby? Maybe. (Or Maybe Not.) said...

When are you going to test? I am positively DYING here! ALL your symptoms sound so right on--and with the combo of your hubby's help this cycle--I can't help but think "magic touch"...

I'm about to come over with a test. Seriously! I'd be POAS about ten times over by now! No pressure but I'll be checking this blog about eighty gazillion times over the next few days.


Jenn said...

I am soooo sending you positive vibes in hopes you have nothing but a
HONKING BFP to share with hubby on his birthday!

STAY AWAY Evil AF....I have spoken!

Hugs and prayers!

MC said...

I've been wondering about you!!! Checking in for updates daily!

Fingers definitely crossed for no AF tomorrow! If she doesn't show, are you going to test??? And if you do, are you going to share???

Scrambled Egg said...

Oh, you ladies are lovely. I'm oscillating between testing tomorrow and thursday. You know, so many negatives, I can't help but think every one for the rest of my life will be. It's horrible! But of course, if I have a honking BFP, you ladies will be the first to know (after my husband). =)

Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

arg. been waiting all day for an update :)