Sunday, April 19, 2009

back in the saddle

I'm sorry that it's been a few days. I did basically up and disappear. But it was from the blog world only. This has been a busy weekend!

I did get AF. It's ok. I think. There is a reason for everything, right? It's funny, I started this month thinking that this cycle wouldn't work, but then I just got so EXCITED. I let the baby fever envelope me again, and you know what? I think that's ok. Because with every let-down, there is a reason. There's a let down because I was up on a higher perch for a few days. And that's healthy. I can't stay depressed. And today, I'm climbing up out of my hole. At least a few steps out.

I'll write more later. Must get my 90210 fix.


Baby? Maybe. (Or Maybe Not.) said...

I totally agree with you. And I LOVE your outlook. Here's to hoping you can rub off on me. :)

Glad you posted. <3

MC said...

Yay on the positive outlook! Send some of that my way - I may need it in about a week!

I've been checking in, so I'm glad that you posted to let us know.

just me said...

hey there! glad you are on the climb up. what is the protocol this month? I will be about a week behind you I think (unless we get a miracle BFP this week)