Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And back to the real world

Well, I'm back to work tomorrow. I'm kicking myself that I just didn't take the whole week off to recover! However, I did a tester day today and spent the day out shopping and survived. In the 100 degree heat.

I can't believe that I just compared shopping to work. Oh my.

So, I'm a little tired, but I'm doing pretty well overall. Sore belly button, but the bloat is just about gone. I'm wishing my post-op appointment was this week!

Ok, I'm going to take advantage of the fact that it is ICLW and ask a question to all of you wonderful women. We're looking at IUI + injectables next. Now, my clinic gives a particular pharmacy to go get the medications, but for those of you who have done them, do you shop around for price? Have any of you found any particularly different prices looking at different pharmacies? You know, since this is all out of pocket, I'm making sure I'm maximizing my dime.

Now, if only I opened up the Sunday paper and there were coupons for infertility. A girl can dream.


Lorza said...

Here from ICLW

I have some pamplets from my IVF clinic about pharmacy. They said hometown pharmacies are super are my resources:

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy:800-660-4283

Fertility Assist2: associated to Freedom Fertility Pharm. and it says some people are eligible for free needles, supplies, 500 bucks off of second OI or IVF cycles...not sure what OI is...

Second is:um, just realized I had two pamplets for the same place. :) One is a price list....let me tell ya some!

Lupron 14 day kit: $129
Menopur 75IU: 72.90
Repronex 75IU: 72.90
hCG 10,000units: 45.90

I have a whole list- email me if you want me to scan the list and email it back!
lorzarn at gmail dot com


Julie said...

Shopping around couldn't hurt - my RE's office said while we could use the pharmacy at that hospital, it would be cheaper to go through IVP care, so you could try them - I used them for both our injectible IUIs.
(think walgreens just acquired them so not sure if that changes anything)

If you find out what dosage / drug you're using I could look up what we paid - used follitism.

I know the trigger was about 39 (hospital pharmacy was 45)

The Patterson's said...

I didn't shop around (thankfully, we have insurance), but I'm sure it can't hurt! Good luck!!

Jenny Guttormson said...

I'm currently doing IUI + injectables right now. We're using Freedom pharmacy. They are wonderful and can get your meds to you overnight. They are MUCH cheaper than going to local pharmacy. For example, my trigger shot (Ovidrel) costs me $89 at Walgreens, but it costs me $45 from Freedom. Woohoo! Here is a link to their pricing:

Also, as Lorza said, Freedom has the Fertility Assist 2 program. If your doctor puts a sticker denoting that you want to be part of the program on your prescription they fax in, you are automatically enrolled. It basically allows you to get discounts on your 2nd cycle. They also offer a program through their sister organization If you call Fertility lifelines, they have fertility nurses that you can talk to for free - I found them helpful to make sure I was asking all the right questions about my injectibles. They also have a program that pays for 1 cycle of meds for free. There's a simple application to apply.

I can't say enough good things about Freedom, but I know that there are other mail-order pharmacies that are great too. Definately shop around and find the best deal. Every penny counts when its all out of your pocket! Good Luck!!

K.T. said...

Thank you for leaving a note on my blog. It is amazing how much I felt like crying at work and finally just got over it and did it. It was good to see that my co-workers were supportive.
I can't help with pricing out pharmacies. My insurance covered my IUI drugs so I just went to Target.

IF Optimist, then... said...

We used Freedom Fertility Pharmacy as well. My RE suggested them. Another person from the RE clinic who had to go with the pharmacy their insurance required spent over $2K more when not using Freedom. Their prices are on their website. They also have an excellent web video training which is awesome for when you are trying to remember how to use the injectables. *ICLW*