Thursday, March 5, 2009

ok, so?

So, I'm post IUI day 1 and I'm still having EWCM. I know, TMI, but I just don't know. Did we completely miss it? Trigger shot was at 0730 on Tuesday--had a lot of cramping that night and EWCM, wednesday afternoon had the IUI--and my nurse made the comment of--well, too bad we can't use any lube with the speculum...except you certainly don't need any! Hahahaha. Anyway, I've felt super tired today (all the excitement plus the trigger, I'm assuming) but continue to have different cramping...I really don't know how to describe it, and continued mucous. Argh.

So, we're doing the natural thing and bd'ing on top of the IUI but I just don't know. Of course, I've never had a trigger shot before. Opinions?

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Anonymous said...

my friends tell me that the ewcm is abundunt with triggers. i never had ANY. ever. hmmmm....

hope this works out. thinking lots about you :)